Thursday, July 16, 2015

Finding Inspiration

I have been in a creative funk for a few months now. The longer the writing void lasts, the harder it is to get back into it. After taking a few weeks off to get some more tangible work done, I figure it's about time that I find a way to jump start things.

Step 1: Get back into a schedule.
Living life all willy nilly makes things a lot harder on me. I get distracted by the mountains of things to do, leaving piles of half finished projects in my wake. The more I try to multitask, the worse the whole mess becomes. Starting this week I am determined to get back to a regular work schedule. I'll set blocks of times to do things (like blogging today). I will get done whatever I can on that specific project during the time I have allotted. When my scheduled time is up, I'll move on to the next scheduled activity.

Step 2: Start writing.
I've gotten out of the habit of writing anything other than grocery and to-do lists. If you go back through the history of my varying blogs, you'll see that I fall into this trap from time to time. To rectify this, I'm scheduling myself a couple of hours a week to write. Nothing else will be allowed to impede on this writing time (well, aside from potty training the toddler).

Step 3: Get more involved with others.
I have a couple of author events coming up later this year. I love getting out there and meeting readers, other authors, and literary business owners. Each one of those connections is a possible doorway opening to future opportunities.

Hopefully by implementing these three things I can get Adaline 2.0 back on track!

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