Sunday, August 14, 2011

Only Two Weeks Left

Well, I've made it through the first month of fundraising for my novel, Age / Sex / Location and the fundraising process continues to surprise me!  Through the generous backing of 8 individuals, $600 of the $5,000 I need has been raised so far and I've been told that there are more people waiting for the suspense to build a little more before adding their donation to the mix.

The project has been humbling and inspiring so far; reconnecting me with old friends who are interested in what "that crazy Denise" is up to and prompting others to make steps toward realizing their dreams as well!  It is wonderful to know that whether this fundraiser is a financial success or not, there are people out there who believe in me and who take comfort in knowing that they are watching me as an encouragement in their own projects.

There is still another $4,400 to raise, and my Mom has offered to get purple highlights once the fundraiser hits the goal as an incentive to anyone who'd like to see a conservative middle-aged woman with purple hair.  I love the gesture, and have also vowed to dye my hair blue (and keep it blue all the way until the book is bound and distributed) for the project once it funds.

Hopefully, these silly additions to the other many rewards for backers will inspire more people to join the cause.  It is my desire for others to know that every dollar really does count when you're chasing a dream.

Now just to make it through the next two weeks...

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  1. Fundraising is really tough right now but don't let it get you down. Your novel isn't a dream anymore. It's a goal that you are making come true. Don't take your eyes off of the finish line. You'll cross it before you know it.