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Making Progress

I haven't been able to blog much these days, although I have still been plodding along and making progress on the writing front one step at a time.  Unfortunately, the blogs I manage have all been taking a backseat to some other big projects and even though it only takes me 15 or 20 minutes to post something it seems like these days I can't seem to find that many minutes to rub together.

These days it's all about priorities and time management, two of the most difficult things for me to keep up with.  Although having a deadline can generally spur me on to be incredibly productive, it can also lead to me being even more easily distracted by shiny objects, side projects and lots of time just standing around with my hands shoved into my pockets staring at the piles around me.

And so the day begins... I'm off to drink a can of soda, and help those folks over at Gearheadz Paintball to keep marching forward towards their big spring event.

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