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Mutual Promotion

One of the greatest things about writing about small businesses, doing reviews for products and services and doing human interest pieces in general is the unique way that these bits of writing are promoted from both ends of the spectrum.

Most writers do some type of self-promotion, whether it's posting links to articles on Facebook and Twitter or lobbying for their articles to show up on the front pages of magazines and e-news bulletins, but there is rarely any other promotion that really goes on unless someone else with a big reader base finds interest in it and pushes it out to their group.

With reviews, human interest and "promotional" pieces though, you get double the promoting power.  Small businesses and individuals are excited to see their name in print, and it is rare that you will run across a business owner or local celebrity who isn't proud to share their piece with their distribution network.  The "Look at Me!" promotional tactic is good for yo…

AAR's; A Chance to Get Out of the Office

AAR's, or After Action Reports, are my new favorite thing to write.  They top the list of writing assignments for one simple reason; you can't write an effective AAR without being out in the field!

I recently did an after action report on Elves Vs. Reindeer and it was one of the most engaging and entertaining writing assignment I've ever had.  It gave me a chance to talk to players, business owners and spectators.  I got to hit the paintball field and shoot of a few hundred rounds at opponents.  I got out in the rain and the mud and had a fun time doing something fun.

Writing is a great "pajama" job; there's no dress code when you're typing away on a laptop in the middle of the night.  But it's even better when it gives you an opportunity to meet other people, help to promote the businesses and causes that you believe in and give readers a little bit of insight into an event that they might have missed.  It inspires some to try something new and reign…

Now Writing for Paintball Monthly Press

Hello fellow writers and readers,

I'm coming to the blog today for a special announcement, one that I'm not sure I'm allowed to make since my article has not yet hit the press, but one that I'm going to make anyway.  Beginning in their next issue (January, 2011), I will now be one of the new writers at Paintball Monthly Press.

A new hard-print newspaper that has begun distribution throughout the west coast, and I'm sure will migrate nationally as it becomes more popular, Paintball Monthly Press is a FREE paintball publication.  For those of us "old" players, and for some younger ones, there is nothing like flipping through the pages of a magazine or newspaper.  Something about being in print makes things seem more "official".

My first piece will be on my good friends over at, so check the news-stands at your local fields and paintball stores for your free copy of the paper.  If they don't yet carry it, have your field repr…

Connecting With Others (Even if you don't want to)

Well, we've rushed into 2011 with much fanfare and although many of the bloggers around me are busy writing about their New Years Resolutions (mine can be found floating around a random forum somewhere, I'm sure) I am going to skip that train and move on to something that I know I'll actually follow through on.

Writing is a lonely business, no matter how you slice it.  Sure, you accumulate a slew of proof-readers, editors and readers with thoughtful comments and feedback along the way; but when you are actually engrossed in the act of writing - the work of it - it's all you, baby.  Writing is most often a silent and private affair comprised of overwhelming amounts of caffeine, staring blankly out the window and spinning slowly in an office chair staring at one's feet and wondering when inspiration will strike.

...And God forbid you actually get words down on paper!  Then you have to go through days (or months) of nail-biting anxiety while you wait to bear back on y…