Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Now Writing for Paintball Monthly Press

Hello fellow writers and readers,

I'm coming to the blog today for a special announcement, one that I'm not sure I'm allowed to make since my article has not yet hit the press, but one that I'm going to make anyway.  Beginning in their next issue (January, 2011), I will now be one of the new writers at Paintball Monthly Press.

A new hard-print newspaper that has begun distribution throughout the west coast, and I'm sure will migrate nationally as it becomes more popular, Paintball Monthly Press is a FREE paintball publication.  For those of us "old" players, and for some younger ones, there is nothing like flipping through the pages of a magazine or newspaper.  Something about being in print makes things seem more "official".

My first piece will be on my good friends over at, so check the news-stands at your local fields and paintball stores for your free copy of the paper.  If they don't yet carry it, have your field representative send an e-mail to to get on the distribution list.  There's no reason not to - it's free!

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