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Thankful for Book Signings!

Well, I got my first public appearance as an author under my belt. It went great, and I am looking forward to doing it again.

The best part about getting out there was talking to people about the kinds of things they like to read. From Murder Mystery to Romance, Biographies on the good and bad figures in the world, Science Fiction and Fantasy, there are a LOT of people reading a LOT of books out there!

Getting out into the world was terrifying though, and I wish I wouldn't have been so nervous. If you ever consider doing a book show, signing or other public appearance, let me assure you now that it really isn't as big a deal as you think it's going to be and you are probably going to have WAY more fun than you expect.

I know I sure did!


It's that time again - National Novel Writing Month!

I'm not signing up for the actual NaNoWriMo (found here: because I have already started penning my next novel, and the rules specifically mention that you have to start from word 1 for the contest. BUT, I am going to use this great annual reminder to get back at it.

I'm several chapters into Ctrl/Alt/Del, sequel to Age/Sex/Location: Love is Just a Click Away. I had a good writing spurt on it a few weeks ago, and then petered out as things at the shop ramped up. Now that things at work are evening out again, I can feel the tingle of the need to write building up in the back of my brain. November is the perfect month to feed the beast!