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How To Market Effectively

Tomorrow morning I am heading out for a book signing in Hillsboro, Oregon at Jacobsen's Books & More. I decided to use this opportunity to try out my new Adaline Meal Replacement Unit giveaways to see how they do to drum up interest with passers by.

As someone in sales (and if you are an author as well, you're in sales, too) I have tried a variety of ways to increase visibility for my books. From Goodreads book giveaways to running ads on Amazon, I've been trying to get the message out there to readers that Adaline is worth reading.

In the book, Boy 62 doesn't eat food. Instead he and his brothers are given meal replacement pills and nutrient filled liquid. I decided to play off of that for these cute little give aways for events. They were simple to assemble, and I really like the way they came out.

I designed the stickers and had them printed at VistaPrint and attached them to tiny zip top bags from Uline that are just slightly larger than the stickers themselves…

Denise Kawaii coming to Jacobsen's Books and More!

Do you wish you could get an autographed copy of Adaline from a local bookstore? Well, your wish is being granted on August 1st. From 9am to 1pm during the Hillsboro Saturday Market, I will be signing books at Jacobsen's Books & More. You can buy your copy of Adaline right there at the bookstore as you shop all of the wonderful offerings that the Hillsboro Saturday Farmer's Market has to offer.

I won't be alone in this. Author Courtney Pierce will be there as well, and I hope she will have her new novel The Executrix with her as I am looking forward to reading it myself!

Where I Will Be: Jacobsen's Books & More 211 East Main Street Hillsboro, Oregon
When I Will Be There: Saturday, August 1st 9am to 1pm

Finding Inspiration

I have been in a creative funk for a few months now. The longer the writing void lasts, the harder it is to get back into it. After taking a few weeks off to get some more tangible work done, I figure it's about time that I find a way to jump start things.

Step 1: Get back into a schedule.
Living life all willy nilly makes things a lot harder on me. I get distracted by the mountains of things to do, leaving piles of half finished projects in my wake. The more I try to multitask, the worse the whole mess becomes. Starting this week I am determined to get back to a regular work schedule. I'll set blocks of times to do things (like blogging today). I will get done whatever I can on that specific project during the time I have allotted. When my scheduled time is up, I'll move on to the next scheduled activity.

Step 2: Start writing.
I've gotten out of the habit of writing anything other than grocery and to-do lists. If you go back through the history of my varying blogs, y…