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For the kids: Zombie Reconstruction Squad

  (Paid Link) This fall, my kid has fallen in love with M.K. Radican's Zombie Reconstruction Squad . From my son: "It's ridiculous when they say, 'I'll get my dogs back if it's the last thing I doooooo!' It's funny because I like all the jokes. M.K. Radican is as funny as Dav Pilkey!" I have to add to his assessment of these books. They had my son parked on the couch, reading for hours, cackling like a madman at the jokes. There was one point where he was trying to tell me about one of the funny parts in the books and he was laughing so hard I had no idea WHAT he was saying. But it must have been good, because he kept reading. If you have a kid who likes Minecraft, monsters, farts and boogers, absolutely get them started on Zombie Reconstruction Squad . My kid says they're great. You can find M.K. Radican's books on Amazon here . Speaking of Amazon, they've asked me to remind you that as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purch
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  (Paid Link) In the middle of 2020 crazytown, I happened to bump into Tabi Slick online. She was celebrating the release of The Detective's Nightmare , and invited me along for the ride. Before the event, I read the novel's prequel, The Unforgiveable Act   and was wonderfully surprised at the magic Tabi has managed to weave into the Beaumont Bros. Circus. Though, it makes sense that the circus would be made up with people who have strange and unexplainable magical abilities. And now that I've started reading the series, I want to know more about each character's mysterious magic. In The Detective's Nightmare , a catastrophic shipwreck lands the circus in the port of Halifax. They survive the wreckage only to get caught in the middle of a string of mysterious murders with clues that point to a dangerous magic lurking in the shadows. Detective Davies is certain the circus is behind the odd murders, and he'll stop at nothing to catch them. If you enjoy steampunk,

Archie Meets Nero Wolfe

  Reader Recommendation (Paid Link) Earlier this year, I was in a heavy reading slump. It was simply too hard to focus with the world in chaos. But I like  to read, and felt I was missing out on one of my greatest passions. So, I did what all authors should do: I asked my readers what books they recommend. The list that continues to grow from my newsletter subscribers ' suggestions is long and varied. One of the books that caught my eye was Archie Meets Nero Wolfe from Robert Goldsborough. It's straightforward, to the point, and doesn't fuss around with a bunch of fuff. It was exactly what I needed to get reading again. I tore through the book in just a few days, which was lightning fast considering the other book I'd been reading had been on my nightstand for three months. The story describes how our detective, Archie, gets into the business. From security guard to gumshoe overnight, this story covers shoot-outs, kidnappings, high-stakes cash exchanges and more. A com

Earthstuck by S.E. Anderson

  Coming August 18th, 2020 ! If you've followed this blog for more than a few months, you probably know I'm a fan of S.E. Anderson's Starstruck Saga . It'll come as no surprise that I'm jumping for joy that book 6 is landing on earth. And you won't be shocked to discover it's another wonderfully entertaining Sci-Fi adventure. I'm especially tickled I was gifted an advance copy of the book and I read it well before its release date. It's full of humor and action alike. There's a Wheatley-esque security bot following our heroes around as they try to save the day. Aliens touring Earth the way we journey through the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. And there's an unsanctioned visitor who is feeding on... people. Earthstuck  is, in short, everything you hope an Earth-bound alien adventure could be. This time around, I get to share an excerpt of the story with you. Anderson has sent the book's prologue through space and time for you to enjoy. Strap

The Unforgivable Act by Tabi Slick

  A circus of wonders. A family murdered. Who will save Emma from her magical powers? I was patrolling the land of Facebook a couple weeks ago and stumbled across a post from Tabi Slick talking about the new book coming out in her Circus Mystery series. The Detective's Nightmare  sounded incredibly interesting, mixing the wonder of a traveling circus with 19th century mystery, so I dug into the series a bit further. The first story in the series is The Unforgiveable Act , a page-turning novella that follows a young woman named Emma on her adventure to join the Beaumont Brothers Circus. There's murder, magic, and an escape act that would make David Copperfield jealous. If you like historical fiction in the Victorian / Edwardian era, this gaslamp mystery may be right up your alley. You can find it on Amazon right here . As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. That doesn't mean you'll pay any extra, and  you'll supporting my reading habit.

The Cleaner by Mark Dawson

  I am so glad to be out of the desert that was my several month long reading slump. This month, my reader's brain has kicked into high gear, and I've suddenly started reading a book every few days (not super fast by some standards, but it's a good clip for me). One of the books that helped get me out of the weeds was The Cleaner  by Mark Dawson. After the flop that was Code Name Camelot , it was great to pick up a book that was fast paced, kept my interest, and left me wanting to read more. I've followed Mark Dawson for a few years now, and even met him in 2019. His catalog is impressive, and he was pleasant when we met, so I added him to the tower that is my TBR pile. (I swear, that thing gets bigger every day.) I'm happy I finally got to it! John Milton decides he's fed up with being a guy who "takes care of things". He's tired, aging, and ready to help people instead of hurt them. He goes rogue in the best way, deciding to help a family dealing

Killers Club is out now!

In just a few weeks, Where Bodies Lie , a suspenseful story of a serial killer's son, is hitting bookshelves worldwide. But it's prequel, Killers Club , is out right now. This short story introduces readers to Oliver "The Godless Killer" Roberts. The prequel takes place well after Roberts' capture and imprisonment. Here's a little bit about Killers Club : Oliver Roberts has killed more people than anyone in recent history. After two decades in prison, he's ready to make a change. He wants to do good for the other inmates. He goes to Warden Hazel and makes a simple request: to start a Bible study group for the prison's most undesirable residents.  But Warden Hazel isn't going to give Oliver what he's asking for without getting something in return. With the judges, prosecutors, and even the lead inspector on The Godless Killer  case nearing retirement, there's pressure to link Oliver to a string of cold cases. Wanting to reti