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Where Are They Now? A tour of where Paintball used to be.

In doing some research for some writing on the Paintball industry in and around Portland, Oregon, I decided to take a field trip around the city to see what has been going on with the local Paintball businesses.  Not really knowing where to start, I picked up the latest copy of a leading Paintball magazine (The title will not be named here so as not to step on anyone's toes, but you may be able to find a copy of it yourself at your local Fred Meyer) and turned to the Field and Store directory at the back of the mag.  I also did a quick Google search for "Paintball, Portland, Oregon" and jotted down another couple of businesses names & addresses from and  I grabbed my Droid, my keys, my husband (I figured between the Droid and my husband I couldn't get lost) and off I went to explore.

Unfortunately, what I found were a lot of locked doors, and buildings that had been converted for new uses (or demolished altogether).  …