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Being Wrong Is Hard To Do

I am going to admit something once, that I will probably never admit again.  This weekend I discovered that I may have been wrong.  Now, I'm not admitting complete wrongness.  But there may have been a point or two that I didn't fully understand, comprehend or anticipate.

Unfortunately the thing that I may have been less than right about is private to someone else, and so I won't divulge the details here.  But I will say that I have been humbled and reminded that it is impossible for anyone to really understand the motives and reasoning of someone else until you see things from their perspective.  Sadly, it becomes harder and harder for us to be able to see things from others' point of view.

The disconnect that we all experience is discovered in the waitress who doesn't take the time to look at you when she hands you your change because she is too preoccupied with the buzzing timer ringing that someone else's order is ready. It's found in the moments where…

Notes from the Netbook

Well, it has been done.  I have bridged the gap from my smartphone to my desktop.  I write now from my shiny new ASUS Eee PC netbook.  Now that I've owned this marvel of compact technology for 24 hours, I've formed a couple of opinions about the usefulness and hangups of these nifty, cheap and fashion forward devices.

What I like:
I love that it's tiny.  I love that it has a webcam, can access the internet and I can use it to write a novel of epic proportions.  It's easy to use, and even the smaller keyboard is comfortable to use.

What I don't:
I'm really disappointed by Windows 7 Starter.  I can't even change my desktop wallpaper.  And believe me, I tried.  For two hours.  I read blogs, tutorials and forums.  Starter has some major limitations when it comes to available services, which makes for a pretty disappointing out-of-the-box experience.

What I miss:
Since I purchased the Netbook soley for the ability to write on the go, I don't miss much.  Th…

Time Marches On

It's amazing that February has come and gone, and we are already halfway through March!  Time flies when you're having fun, working hard and focused on continuing to have fun and work hard!

Writing has been pushed once again to the back burner amidst the blissful confusion of vacations, updates and my decision to scale back on my day-job and ponder the direction my novel is going to take.

It has been a wonderful time for personal discovery and growth, and I look forward to progressing this year in both my writing and in my life.  I decided this morning that a part of my momentum will be through joining or creating a writing critique group so that I can get and give honest feedback as well as have more literary support as I wander further away from the predestined corporate path that has been laid out before me and begin to forge my own trail through the unknown and adventurous territory of becoming a published author.

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