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How'd you like a free book (or three?)

Curie, book three in the Adaline series, is on its way. I'm in the editing process and while I'm getting it ready for my Alpha and then Beta readers, I've decided that this time around I'm going to try out giving away some ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) as well.
So, that means I need to figure out who to give them to. How about... you? If you're someone who likes to leave reviews, has a social media account where you can post a few pictures, and who likes free stuff, send me an email at and let me know! I'm looking for people who either have:
(1) Read Adaline & Biocide and are willing to write a review of Curie the day of release. (2) Have a social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other) with 200 or more followers who'd like to do a social review and do a giveaway for their followers. (3) Have a book review blog, newsletter or website and are looking for quality fiction books to review.
If you meet any or all of those…