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A Giraffe in the Room available on Kindle

I really do need to update this blog more often. Well folks, it has been a long, hard winter. I'm busier than I think I have ever been, but somehow managed to work through editing my novelette length work, A Giraffe in the Room. I received an email from Amazon several months ago suggesting I give their self-publishing on Kindle a try, and I finally caved in. Which is great for all you readers out there!

A Giraffe in the Room is now available to download on your Kindle devices. It is merely a dip of my toe into the self-publishing pool as I try to decide whether I will pursue traditional publishing for my next novel or not. Please feel free to take a look at the sample pages available on Amazon if you aren't sure about purchasing. I think it turned out great.

To take look, here's the link: A Giraffe in the Room. And while you're over on Amazon, don't forget to check out my novel, Age/Sex/Location: Love Is Just A Click Away. It is still available as a digital downlo…