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A long post about life...

There is a tent in my living room.
That is the basic truth that illustrates how life is going right now. A tent in the living room to distract my son from the fact that we are shuffling his furniture around the house, ripping up the carpet and replacing the floor this weekend. It is a moment of whimsy in an otherwise chaotic time. Something needed as much for its entertainment value as for its practicality of a place to sleep while the furniture stands on its side.
I feel like most of my blog posts say something like, "A lot has been going on..." or "Things have been crazy..." and those sentiments are more true now than I think they have ever been. I feel like a broken record, waiting for the operator to change vinyl to something a little faster and upbeat. But the needle keeps re-setting to the same worn place on the record. Scratchy and out of tune.
The last four months have been a daily dose of stress and strain. Through August and September, Mr. Kawaii got prog…