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Playing Family Feud in Real-Time

There are times, when handling the ups and downs of an extended family, that life mimics a real-time version of a game-show gone terribly wrong.  The contestants range in age across multiple generations; pressing their buzzers and shouting to be heard above everyone else on the panel with no regard to the rules or game format.

The biggest problem with this game of Family Feud, is that everyone is hoping for a drastically different outcome.  Mom is hoping that behind door number one the entire family (children, second cousins, great-aunts twice removed included) will get along; sharing and caring together while putting aside clashes in opinion and personality.  Dad is sure that behind door number two is the key to getting everyone to see things from his point of view and agreeing that he is utterly right in his stance on all things big and small.  Cousin Sally has her fingers crossed that door number three will give her the house, platinum serving set, husband, dog and 2.4 children she…

Amazing TV: Ninja Warrior

Normally, when I blog I have some insightful thought, fun event or fantastic gadget that I want to share with the masses.  But right now, as I type, I am watching one of my secret guilty pleasures: Ninja Warrior on G4TV.

Now granted, Ninja Warrior will never replace MXC's hilarious entertainment value, but it does have the Japanese-engineered obstacle course from hell and a slew of over-the-top contestants.  The thing about Ninja Warrior that tops shows like MXC, American Gladiator, and dare I say it - even the Olympics, is that the contestants that are most famous are just regular guys.  They train in back-yards, city streets, garages and warehouses.  Sure, some of them have impressive athletic backgrounds or are well known celebrities, but it is one of the few shows where anyone can give the course a try and the only thing they are trying to beat is the clock.

You can't help but cheer along with each new contestant's run through the 1st course, especially when the other…

Thoughts on Easter, Spring and Renewal

It's been a long time since I really sat down and thought about Easter, or any holiday for that matter.  This year I have a bit more time to ponder the meaning and impact of things on my life than I have in the past, and so while I'm sitting and gathering my thoughts I figured I might as well type them out for you all to read and add your perspective on.

I am not overly zealous in my faith, but I'd like to think that I'm also not completely passive in my beliefs and thoughts on the the order of things.  I did take the opportunity to go to services on Palm Sunday and reflect on the goings on during Holy Week; the wrongful persecution of Jesus by the masses, the abandonment by his followers, his crucification and resurrection.  While many roll their eyes at the stories and shrug them off in favor of white rabbits and colored eggs, the story of the resurrection is really the core basis of every underdog tale ever spun.  It's a story about overcoming insurmountable odd…