Friday, April 16, 2010

Amazing TV: Ninja Warrior

Normally, when I blog I have some insightful thought, fun event or fantastic gadget that I want to share with the masses.  But right now, as I type, I am watching one of my secret guilty pleasures: Ninja Warrior on G4TV.

Now granted, Ninja Warrior will never replace MXC's hilarious entertainment value, but it does have the Japanese-engineered obstacle course from hell and a slew of over-the-top contestants.  The thing about Ninja Warrior that tops shows like MXC, American Gladiator, and dare I say it - even the Olympics, is that the contestants that are most famous are just regular guys.  They train in back-yards, city streets, garages and warehouses.  Sure, some of them have impressive athletic backgrounds or are well known celebrities, but it is one of the few shows where anyone can give the course a try and the only thing they are trying to beat is the clock.

You can't help but cheer along with each new contestant's run through the 1st course, especially when the other contestants are cheering each other on.  It's enough to make you want to get up and jog around the neighborhood a time or two.

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