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Read for Roughneck! Help Raise Money for Medical Care

Read for Roughneck! Learn how your love of books can help provide needed healthcare for Denise Kawaii's husband.View this email in your browserMr. Kawaii, aka "Roughneck", crafting at his workbench. Please Read To Raise Money for a CT Scan and Meds. It has been a long few months.

Mr. Kawaii, AKA "Roughneck", began to have flu like symptoms this summer following closing our family owned store. His illness has gotten progressively worse, with symptoms that would make even the most staunch horror fans squirm. Let's just say that his body has stopped properly digesting food, he has lost nearly 60 pounds since August, and although the doctors suspect Crohn's Disease there hasn't been any marked improvement with treatment (Western or Natural medicine - we've tried just about everything).

Roughneck is currently on leave from work and spends most of his time resting, researching and having lab tests done. Even with insurance his treatments are expensive a…