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I've been quite distracted this last week, missing one deadline and teetering ever so closely to the next one.  Life, as it always seems to do, has gotten in the way of me making it to my next set of writing goals.  It is interesting how it all seems to fall apart at once, but doesn't seem to go together quite as easily.  
We are marching towards the light though.  As I type, my wonderful husband is on his hands and knees, getting my stove and oven ready for removal (and replacement!).  My computer is residing in pieces on the dining room table mid-way through an overhaul, and I have suddenly snapped-to and realized that it's about time I get back to my work schedule.
So here I am, blogging away on a Wednesday as scheduled.  It feels good to get back on track :)

Cats and Cables

There comes a time in our lives, and for me that time is now, when it is apparent that the world wants us to move on to new endeavors.  I received word from the Yahoo Contributor Network that they are discontinuing the featured writer's program that I have been blessed to be a part of and are replacing it with a "new and improved" program with stricter guidelines.  Reading between the lines I got the feeling that they realized how much money they were paying out to writers of all levels and decided to cull the herd a bit in response to Google b*tch slapping their internet ratings.

While it is disappointing to be let go from the program only a few months after being accepted into it, it has given me time to reflect.  What I want to be as a writer is not a "jill of all trades", but rather someone who is known for writing a specific subject and known as a writer of books.  Truth be told I have spent so much time writing about luggage, dry feet and small business o…