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The Book and Its Companions Continue

Although I haven't been updating this blog regularly - life having gotten extremely hectic recently - I am happy to report that Age / Sex / Location is continuing on its steady march towards the presses. Just today I returned another series of edits to the publisher, and marked one more step off of the long road to printing.

As I have been working on Age / Sex / Location, I have also been working on a number of other projects. For one, I am now just a few weeks away from giving birth to my first child (an exhausting and all-encompassing project of its own accord). I also attended some amazing classes over the winter, have helped in the upcoming opening of the Gearheadz Paintball LLC showroom and am preparing for a full summer of paintball.

Sticking with the writing is as difficult to do as it is rewarding. I enjoy it completely, and am looking forward to getting back to writing my second novel, Adaline. I constantly wonder when I will find the time and energy to finish the second …