Friday, April 6, 2012

The Book and Its Companions Continue

Although I haven't been updating this blog regularly - life having gotten extremely hectic recently - I am happy to report that Age / Sex / Location is continuing on its steady march towards the presses. Just today I returned another series of edits to the publisher, and marked one more step off of the long road to printing.

As I have been working on Age / Sex / Location, I have also been working on a number of other projects. For one, I am now just a few weeks away from giving birth to my first child (an exhausting and all-encompassing project of its own accord). I also attended some amazing classes over the winter, have helped in the upcoming opening of the Gearheadz Paintball LLC showroom and am preparing for a full summer of paintball.

Sticking with the writing is as difficult to do as it is rewarding. I enjoy it completely, and am looking forward to getting back to writing my second novel, Adaline. I constantly wonder when I will find the time and energy to finish the second book, but then, I always seem to find spurts of inspiration and clarity and the words just seem to fall out of me.

Life in the land of books certainly isn't easy, but it is definitely good.

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