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True Midnight Ramblings

Ah, July.  Normally a time of constant celebration, this month has been especially trying and filled with sleepless nights and wandering days.  I am looking forward to August when friends return from far off places, grief will be a little closer to subdued, and life will begin to return to normalcy (I hope).

In a fit of sleeplessness spurred from a sorrow filled day on the horizon, a late-night emergency and lots of random thoughts and feelings I decided to hover around the internets a while until my eyes start to feel a little more heavy.  I had received a notification that there have been some updates here on Blogger/Blogspot and so I decided to check them out now that I am left with very little to do for the next 8 hours or so.

You may notice that this blog, as well as my other two blogs (A Smaller Bottom and Meet Your Marker), has received a sudden face-lift.  I was really surprised at the new backgrounds and customizations on the templates toolbar, and had a lot of fun putting th…

The Good Writer

It occurred to me this morning on the way to the office (out of bed, detour to the kitchen for some Chai Tea, across the living room in kitty rush-hour traffic) that there is no real and true way to define what makes a "good" writer, other than the words written on paper.

When we read a good book, rarely do we find ourselves lost in thought over what the author's motivation was for writing it.  We don't wonder when we read an interesting news article if the writer was passionate about the topic, or if they were just trying to make their next car payment.  We don't search the words to try to discover if their creator was steady and dependable, writing each day from 6am to 4pm without fail; or if they were steeped in a fury of sudden inspiration and spent 5 days eating little and sleeping less with only the keyboard and furious fingers for company.

From the reader's perspective, what makes a good writer has nothing to do with the company the author keeps, the c…

The Time To Write Is Now

Happy 7th of July everyone.  These past few weeks have been a challenge of highs and lows for the Kawaii family, and this past week has been especially trying.  Filled with the celebration of birthdays, the grief and sadness of hospital visits, the changes and trials of helping someone start a new chapter of their life and all the regular comings and goings of good news and bad have made June and the start of July a muddle of emotion and exhaustion.

It is in these particularly trying times when I begin to feel the urge to either curl into a corner and vegetate, or become inspired by the current collage of events to write until sleep finds me or my fingers fall off (luckily the latter doesn't happen very often).  Currently I am looking over a mass of writing projects and ideas, an almost-finished novel coupled with an almost-finished short story, article ideas and assignments... and wondering where the drive is going to come from to complete them all.  It is good to have so much w…