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The 2nd Edition of Adaline is LIVE!

Guess what? I've been writing.
Biocide, the second book in the Adaline series is in the final stages of production. I'm editing the manuscript now, and hope to have the book in print and ready for your bookshelf in just a few weeks. I'm so excited for the production of Biocide, that I just had to give Adaline a facelift to keep up with the direction that the series is going. There's a new cover, a couple of new sentences on the pages, and a nifty promotion for Biocide tucked into the back of the book. 
The Adaline series is taking its next big step forward, and as always I have to thank you readers for helping me to take the leap. This is my first time with a series and my first second edition. Many thanks to all of you for your patience, understanding and enthusiasm as I continue to write.

The upload is so fresh that I'm still waiting for Amazon to link the listings - so if you're looking, here are the links:
- Paperback $12.99 - Kindle $2.99
As always, if you…