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Back in the saddle again...

It has been a terrible year for writing.

If you've followed this blog over the years, you probably read a post last fall about my best friend passing away. That was followed by a tragic series of family deaths, and the loss of two family pets. I had a big spurt of writing early this year - trying to get away from it all - but found myself writing about my friend who passed away in a car accident. I haven't been able to put fingers to the keyboard since, much to the detriment of my readers.

I am making an attempt at getting back into it though. I have gotten some fantastic feedback on my upcoming novel, Adaline, which if all goes well will be ready to release in September/October with a book tour starting in November. It is a departure from all of my other writing, my first Sci-Fi novel and really a kick in the pants if I do say so myself. I am looking forward to seeing where the story of Adaline takes us, figuratively and literally.

In an attempt at forward momentum, I just re…