Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back in the saddle again...

It has been a terrible year for writing.

If you've followed this blog over the years, you probably read a post last fall about my best friend passing away. That was followed by a tragic series of family deaths, and the loss of two family pets. I had a big spurt of writing early this year - trying to get away from it all - but found myself writing about my friend who passed away in a car accident. I haven't been able to put fingers to the keyboard since, much to the detriment of my readers.

I am making an attempt at getting back into it though. I have gotten some fantastic feedback on my upcoming novel, Adaline, which if all goes well will be ready to release in September/October with a book tour starting in November. It is a departure from all of my other writing, my first Sci-Fi novel and really a kick in the pants if I do say so myself. I am looking forward to seeing where the story of Adaline takes us, figuratively and literally.

In an attempt at forward momentum, I just released my novelette A Giraffe in the Room on Barnes and Noble Nook. It has been available on Amazon since early last year, and after many automatic contract renewals with Kindle Direct Publishing it is finally available to distribute further. I am really excited that all my Nook readers will be able to download their own e-copies, and stop being so envious of those Kindle people out there.

I hope you are all seeing success in your many endeavors, and look forward to being read by you again soon.

Oh yes - before I forget - I have been on a reading binge and discovered two authors that I adore. The first is Chelsea Cain, and the second is Daniel H. Wilson. Each of their works has left me hungry for more, and because of it I've read more in the last three months than I can remember reading in several years. Look them up - you won't be disappointed.