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Scrooge Tunes on Yahoo Radio

Normally on Black Friday I pull out all of my Christmas music from years past and que them up on the CD player to play 24/7 until Christmas Day.  This year, however, my husband begged me to reconsider this tradition.  Not wanting to be without tunes to reflect the season though I went online to see if I could find something less cheerful, gleeful and twinkly that we could both enjoy.

Lo and Behold - I found Scrooge Tunes on Yahoo Music's radio channel.  Packed with a variety of music from rock to jazz, country ballads and indie spoofs; there is defiantly a little something for everyone.  The great thing is that if you don't listen to the lyrics the music it sounds like any other Christmas station, which feeds my desire for holiday cheer.  A close ear can pick up the tales of burning Christmas trees, battered carolers and drunken reindeer.

Here's the link if you would like to give it a go: (scroll to the bottom, click "View All St…

Welcome To My New Blog

Hello Readers!

After much prompting and pushing and shouting - I have finally caved in and started myself a blog. As you may or may not know, I have been blogging half-heartedly over on my Myspace page (click the link to check it out) for the last year or so. But now to move onward and upward!

It has been a crazy exciting year. I've gone from a handful of amazingly loyal readers, to having close to 30,000 page views. I've gotten great feedback from all of you and feel that I have really begun to grow as a writer. In fact, I recently put together the last few chapters of my first novel and am happy to announce that I am now working on taking it from draft form to ready-to-read. It's all so exciting!

None of the progress would have happened if not for the support from family and friends. A big thanks to my husband and editor for making everything I write a little bit better, and to my dear friend Tiger Airport for suggesting I stop putting off this whole writing ventur…