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Death and Kleenex

I am suffering greatly from the first summer cold/flu of 2015. I've been taking care of the shivering, sweaty, feverish family all weekend, and for a time felt suddenly invincible. I mean, hey, I've been taking vitamins regularly for like a month now!

But today the illness struck. And now I can't lay down to sleep because when I do my head fills with goo and I begin to suffocate. So, what to do? After a couple of hours stalking other authors on Facebook, I decided to settle back in to reading Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld. It is the second book in his Leviathan series, and I am hoping that it will help to launch me into some more furious writing on Adaline 2.0. If not, I bought the Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey today as well and his work always lights a fire under me.

Moral of my goo infested story? If you can't write - read! (Also, keep lots of Kleenex handy.)

Missing Deadlines

Life - not only is it the final frontier, but sometimes it is also a whirlwind. These days, I feel an awful lot like Toto in the Wizard of Oz. It is like I've been shoved in a basket and taken through the tornado to a land that looks like nothing I have ever seen before.
My husband and I made the difficult decision to close down our retail store and move the whole business back home. That has translated into weeks (or months?) of sorting, selling, packing and storing everything that the business has owned. Right now, there is a mountain of inventory, paperclips, toddler-work-toys and extension cords rising up from the floor of my living room. I have rehomed a fraction of the mountain in the last two weeks, and I hope that eventually I will muster up the courage and energy I need to tackle the rest of it.
Add to that weeks upon weeks of birthdays, holidays, the start of summer... and writing has gotten pushed far down the list of priorities. Not that I'd be able to write if I …