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Biocide (Book 2 of the Adaline series) is coming April 29th!

It's taken a while, but Biocide is finally on the horizon. The first books are printing, the Kindle edition has been formatted (and you can pre-order it now), and peace and wonderment reign over the bookland.

Here's a little bit about Biocide: Boy 1124562 passed his first test. Can he survive the next?
When the Boys graduate from C.A.T., they are moved to a facility where new challenges await. At first, it seems like 62's new home comes with more freedom than he's ever had before. It doesn't take long for him to discover that the troubles of his past are nothing compared to the danger that awaits.
In his new home, 62 meets a Boy with no number who defies every truth in Adaline. Unsure if he can continue to follow the path that Adaline has laid out for him, 62 discovers that trying to make his own way comes with consequences far beyond anything he's ever imagined.
The  Biocide release party is booked, and you're invited!
Please join me April 29th at Vault Book…