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Age/Sex/Location going to print!

I was sitting at my desk yesterday browsing through a series of very uninteresting e-mails (read: promotions form Huggies, Pandora and a couple of job offers for blogging about cheese) when suddenly I noticed an email from my publisher.

"What's this?" I pondered as my cursor hovered over the e-mail link.

When I clicked it, and it opened, the heavens above me opened and the angels started singing (read: the fluorescent lights above me flickered a little and the baby passed some gas). The note was a very pleasant one and there was an attachment.

"Ooooh, what is this?" I wondered aloud as I clicked on the download icon.

When the attachment downloaded and finally opened I found...

The layout of Age/Sex/Location as it will appear in paperback! No longer will the novel be confined to the pixelated screen or the e-ink of your reader device. No longer will it only be floating about the ether waiting for you to download it. No longer will it be bound by the invisible fo…