Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cats and Cables

There comes a time in our lives, and for me that time is now, when it is apparent that the world wants us to move on to new endeavors.  I received word from the Yahoo Contributor Network that they are discontinuing the featured writer's program that I have been blessed to be a part of and are replacing it with a "new and improved" program with stricter guidelines.  Reading between the lines I got the feeling that they realized how much money they were paying out to writers of all levels and decided to cull the herd a bit in response to Google b*tch slapping their internet ratings.

While it is disappointing to be let go from the program only a few months after being accepted into it, it has given me time to reflect.  What I want to be as a writer is not a "jill of all trades", but rather someone who is known for writing a specific subject and known as a writer of books.  Truth be told I have spent so much time writing about luggage, dry feet and small business ownership that I haven't even glanced at my novel in progress or submitted my first novel to any writer's agents or publishers.

It is true that all things happen for a reason; which has been doubly exclaimed by my cat chewing on the power cord of my computer and the power supply becoming completely fried.  Today is day 2 of not having access to my computer and writing files - and it's probably for the best.  It's giving me time to cement where I stand on the whole writing business, and giving me the opportunity to relax a little.

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