Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mutual Promotion

One of the greatest things about writing about small businesses, doing reviews for products and services and doing human interest pieces in general is the unique way that these bits of writing are promoted from both ends of the spectrum.

Most writers do some type of self-promotion, whether it's posting links to articles on Facebook and Twitter or lobbying for their articles to show up on the front pages of magazines and e-news bulletins, but there is rarely any other promotion that really goes on unless someone else with a big reader base finds interest in it and pushes it out to their group.

With reviews, human interest and "promotional" pieces though, you get double the promoting power.  Small businesses and individuals are excited to see their name in print, and it is rare that you will run across a business owner or local celebrity who isn't proud to share their piece with their distribution network.  The "Look at Me!" promotional tactic is good for you as a writer because you get to share the workload of getting your words out in front of people willing to read them, and is great for the person or product you're writing about because they get exposure and validation.

When writing these pieces, I've found that it helps to encourage the person/entity that you've written about to share the article(s) with their network.  Giving them permission to be proud of themselves will help prompt them to spread the article to a much wider circle, gaining positive press and exposure for both of you.

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