Sunday, March 22, 2015

Life & Reading

February / March have continued to be a time of struggle for our family. My Great-Grandmother, the head of my mother's family, passed away. Her passing has pushed me over the edge of depression and it has been very difficult for me to focus on much other than just making it through the day.

Despite my depression, I did finish working on the first draft of a D.K. Greene writing project and managed to read a couple more books for the 2015 reading challenge. I am letting the Greene manuscript marinade before getting into editing, and am working on getting my head back in the game so I can dive back into Adaline 2.0.

This year promises to bring a LOT of new challenges, and I am doing my best to face them head on. Thank you all for reading, writing, and surviving with me.

Before I go, here are the updates to my reading list. The Parrot Told Me by Rachel Rawlings was a fun parrot-inspired murder mystery. I also had the pleasure to read Shadow Bound by Jenny Reynolds. I don't believe her novel is available for mass purchase yet, but I look forward to reading more from her soon.

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