Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Writerlutions

2014 has come and gone. Due to a bushel of family trauma I am glad to see the it go, hoping that this next year will bring new growth and opportunity.

I never seem to know just how I feel about New Years Resolutions. In theory, I feel like they are useless because most of the time we fail to follow through with them. If we are inebriated with New Year's Eve fervor, we might not even remember them the next day. Sober, our resolve is long gone by the time February appears. On the other hand, the start of a new year seems to be the perfect time to roll over into a new set of goals and so despite the feeling that resolutions as a whole are a waste of time I find myself making my own.

I have been pondering my writing goals for the next year since early September. Now that they have been firmly pressed into the sand for a couple of months I guess it's time to officially announce them to the world. Here are my 2015 Writerlutions:

  • Complete the first draft of 2 novels. 
    • I have three in the works right now, so this should be attainable as long as I don't get too distracted.
  • Fully edit and release 1 novel.
  • Update each of my blogs at least 13 times this year.
I can't quite decide if my list is not enough, or if it is way too agressive. Keeping in mind that I also work more than full time and I've got a family to take care of I think that I'll be over the moon if I can get all of these things done before this time next year. 

What are your Writerlutions?

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