Saturday, September 20, 2014

Release Day

Well, it's finally happened. Adaline has officially been released into the wild. There is a lot of amazing stuff going on, and I am so excited to see where it all leads. I've been trying to keep things cool and not be TOTALLY overboard in sharing every single update as it comes. But it's been hard so I think I'll do a quick recap here so you all can see how this is going.

I've started getting reviews in from those special folks who got advanced copies. I won't go into the long talks that we've had about the book, but here are a few quotes from them while they're fresh in my mind:

"An imaginative otherworldly story, this was an amazing and a bit disturbing read." - I. Garland

"I didn't see a way out [for the main character], and I was only halfway through the book! The story was thrilling and I can't wait for Volume 2. This is the next Harry Potter." - C. Duncan

"I've read a thousand Science Fiction books. This is a good book. I'm hooked!" - S. DuVall

After working on the project for so long, it is great to hear this feedback from early readers. I have felt this was my best work since the first written page, and it is so satisfying to know that my excitement in writing the book has shown through to the finished project. I can't wait to have more talks with all you readers out there about it, and I have the second novel brewing (my target release for that one is Spring, 2016).

If you haven't been following me on Facebook, then you might not know that today is the official release party for the book. I'm committed to buying 50 cones of ice cream for those who attend. We're holding the party at a family friend's Baskin Robbins in Longview, Washington. I'm pretty nervous about the public reading, since I haven't done one of those before. But I know I've got to get those words out there so that I can get more people as excited about Adaline as I am.

Adaline has already gone live on Amazon, and surprisingly to me has also been picked up by Barnes and Noble. I was told that the crawl from Amazon to Barnes and Noble would probably be slow and painful because of their rivalry, but man - that seems like a great sign to me.

I'm also working out the details of my next public appearance! I've been in talks with a very lovely librarian (if you don't know your local librarian - give them a call. They're awesome!) and it seems I might be visiting her library to help out with one of their Middle School/Teen events. THAT is pretty darn cool.

I think that's all for now. It's a lot to process, but I'm going to do my best to enjoy this ride!

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