Saturday, September 27, 2014

Adaline... Book 2?

Well, it's happened. Things with Adaline have been going so swimmingly that I have officially started writing the second book in the series. Sometimes, you just have to go where and when the Muse takes you.

If you're a writer, how do you know when its time to write? For me, I start to get flashes of thought about where I think the story is headed. Sometimes I get whole streams of dialogue that might work for a scene not yet written. These bursts of thought come more and more frequently until I just have to put it down on paper.

So now, I have created a situation that I don't normally like to have - 2 Works in Progress. I started on Ctrl/Alt/Del, the romance sequel to Age/Sex/Location, over a year ago. It is taking me some time to write, and I keep debating whether or not to keep writing it. One of the characters is based on one of my closest friends who died in a horrific car crash last year. Every time I get to her character in the novel I end up having to set the manuscript aside for a while. Maybe I'm just not ready yet. The rest will come eventually.

Adaline's follow-up is only 1,800 words long and I'm already as excited about it as I was with writing Adaline. I spent the morning with Google, getting a brief overview of Biocide and Kinesiology in preparation for the coming pages. I did a LOT of reading to prep writing Adaline, and it looks like I'm going to have to make it through another tall stack of research material to help me with this one.

 Currently Reading: Portlandtown
Currently Reading: Portlandtown

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