Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Proof Is In The Mail

My novelette, A Giraffe in the Room, has been doing... Okay over on Amazon. Well enough at least that I have been considering putting the short work in print. Yesterday I got a copy of the print proof in the mail from CreateSpace.com. I've decided I'm going to further test this whole self-publishing arena.

It is surprising how easy working with the CreateSpace platform has been. With the power of Amazon's distribution network, it will be interesting to see how far this little novelette will be able to go once it's in print. The process of doing KindleDirect and CreateSpace has been so simple that depending on how the sales compare by year end to my contract-published novel, I may consider using this avenue for some future projects.

If you've ever wondered about self publishing, check Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space out. The hardest part about setting it up is trying to value your work and setting a sale price (here's a hint: your work is probably worth more than you think).

If it looks a little flat, that's because it is. This novelette is approximately 45 pages, give or take.
An easy read with some pulls to your heartstrings.

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