Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Upgrayedd. With two D's,"for a double dose of this pimping"

The time has come for my trusty netbook to go by the wayside. I am re-investing some of my earnings from writing into a new laptop. Nothing slows up writing and editing like shotty equipment (and writing longhand takes SO long). The netbook, which I have loved completely and which I used to finish writing and editing Age/Sex/Location: Love is just a click away, has stopped being quite so user friendly.

So I'm getting the big upgrade. Bigger screen, better graphics, more memory. I can't wait for the new laptop (a Toshiba Satellite bought through to arrive... just in time for another round of edits and re-writes of Adaline. Who knows, the keyboard might just tickle my fingers enough to inspire the beginnings of a new novel or two.

If you are wondering, "Upgrayedd" is a character from the movie Idiocracy. One of the best futuristic histories ever filmed.

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