Monday, July 8, 2013

Family and Editing Time

July is one of the busiest times for our family. Not only is our business crazy busy mid-summer, but July is also a month FULL of family time. From family vacations and birthdays to national holidays, it is non-stop fun and full of time for relaxation. I am hoping that taking some time away from my regular work will open up a few hours of editing time as well.

In January I had hoped that I'd have enough time to finish the first big round of edits on the new novel, and that I'd be deep into the first draft of the sequel to Age/Sex/Location. However, now that we're all the way into July and I'm still editing, and haven't started drafting the sequel... I think it's time to realize that I've just got to take what I can get where the books are concerned.

Coupled with the noveling, I am also looking at a couple of other opportunities writing regularly for the web. Freelancing and ghostwriting have been building for me, which coupled with the small royalties I'm earning is starting to grow my confidence as a writer. It's been a slow process over the last few years, but the business of writing is growing and that's a great thing.

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