Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coming to an Action Pursuit Games Near You... Hopefully

Now that I have several articles in the pipeline for Associated Content, three manageable blogs and 1/3 of my novel edited, I decided it was time to add something new.  I want to start writing for magazines!

I decided that I should make an attempt at writing for a magazine that I currently buy and read and so I contacted Action Pursuit Games to see what it would take to write for them.  As it turns out, to submit articles and photos to their magazine is a lot more simple a concept than I thought it would be.  To get set up, I had to fill out a W-9, and fill out a release of content for any written content and photographs that I might submit through the end of the year.  APG's writers and photographers have to fill out new W-9's and releases annually, which is nice so that it doesn't have to be re-done every time I submit something.

Now that I've got all the paperwork submitted, all that I have to do is find something to write about!  I love the need to find new topics to write about because it gives me an excuse to get out of the house and onto the paintball field.

If you're interested in writing for magazine publications too, run through the magazines that you currently buy or are subscribed to and see if there is one that you think you might be able to write content for.  Chances are that since you buy the magazine you are interested in the topics that it covers, and writing about things you know and enjoy will help you to write more effective and informed content.  Check out the magazine's website for submission guidelines, contact the editor to make sure that they are accepting non-solicited content, and get to writing!  Who knows, your article may end up in the next issue!

Action Pursuit Games

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