Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Winds, They Are A'Changin

This month has been a whirlwind of activity for those of the Kawaii household.  Some pretty big changes have taken place and we are now helping a family member get back on their feet.  Trips to the Social Security office, the Department of Health and Human Services, GoodWill and various other places have filled up my days and left very little time for writing.

I have forced myself to put out a couple of articles this month through Associated Content and have been able to chronicle my drive for a slimmer waistline through another blog called A Smaller Bottom.  Unfortunately, I was forced to miss the 2nd meeting of the writing group I started due to working on moving our family member into the house, but I look forward to meeting up with the other authors again soon to discuss their amazing writing.

As things settle out, I look forward to pressing forward with the novel writing.  I even have it marked on my calendar and scheduled out over the next several weeks which I'm sure will keep me on task.  Sadly, it's written in dry-erase on a white-board and has the potential of being edited, but I'm determined to stand strong and fight the urges of procrastination!

I hope you are all getting your early summer projects going during the brief breaks in the sheets of rain!

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