Thursday, May 7, 2015

Killing It

Wow, what a month it has been! Adaline is selling at a record pace, and has already surpassed my 5 year sales goal. I am so very excited to see where things are headed, and looking forward to putting some more time into Adaline 2.0 this summer.

I've also been working on some promotional / sample cover art for "S is for Serial" by my alter-ego D K Greene. Check out my "other" Facebook page for a peek at what is coming! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a fall 2015 release on that one. Mr. Kawaii has started reading the manuscript and it is creeping him out. As long as the plot doesn't cause him to move out of the house ("What the hell is wrong with you?" he shouts), I call that a big success!

I've also been reading, which is amazing. In the last few weeks I've read The Martian by Andy Weir and Kill You Twice by Chelsea Cain.

Despite my love of Adaline, I don't read much Sci-Fi. The Martian gripped me tough, though. Funny, dangerous, and overflowing with "cool" science, I think The Martian should be required reading for kids who are "blah" about math and science. Weir has turned his geekery into a gripping story.

And then there is Kill You Twice. I cannot express enough how much I love Chelsea Cain's twisted series about Gretchen and Archie. Kill You Twice is book #5 in the series, and shows us that there actually can be someone out there that is more gruesome than Gretchen.

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