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S.E Anderson's Celestial is here!

I am so excited to tell you guys about a series I've been reading! The Starstruck series follows a rather disorganized mess of a girl as she traipses across the multiverse with aliens. Sally gets into SO many interesting situations, and these novels are packed with snark and wit that keep you turning pages and wanting more.

Celestial, Book Four in the series will be released October 9th, and I'm SO blessed to be a part of S.E. Anderson's launch team! In Celestial, Sally is still trying to get back to earth with her friends Zander, Blayde and Nim but something goes horribly wrong and they end up lost on a strange world where Sally is mistaken for the local's goddess!

I can't wait to read and review this latest installment in the Starstruck series. S.E. Anderson is a young writer brimming with charm, and I know if you pick up her books you'll fall in love. Get more information on these amazing books by visiting the author's website at:

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